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Miller's Classes Clark High School
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2/16/2010 02:39:09

The most frustrating aspect of the training is watching those who have trained their rat and have already achieved success, while other groups are having difficulties just getting the concept of the rat is not in charge. Many of the groups have had great success by shaping the rat's behavior, but now various behaviors that are the result of false generalizations must be extinguished.

Sara Lacroix p.8
2/16/2010 09:42:49

responding to miller

The most fustrating aspect of the training is that our rat seems to spontaneously recover certain bad habits that I thought we haad broke him of. Other than that, our rat has proven to be really smart. Mostly what we have to focus on is maintance work.

Gabriele P.7
2/16/2010 16:05:37

Response to Miller:

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Emerly Luong P. 5
2/17/2010 11:37:01

Responding to Miller :

Some of the most frustrating parts of the rat training include how the rat seems to stop at a certain level to seek reinforcement (the rat will go to the end of the level peek out of the box for an extended amount of time) or trying to train the rat to do a certain action (in this case, pushing over a block to open a door) by using a fixed interval schedule.

Ryan Fong P.7
2/18/2010 09:04:59

Responding to Miller.

Throughout the rat training we have encountered a series of frustration. In the early stages of training, the rat would chose to go either up or down the platform even with reinforcements to go down. Another frustrating event was the rat would often pause and take a look outside the box and try to escape. One other scenario is to get the rat to weave in and out of a certain part of the obstacle.

Responding to Gabby.

I concord, but wouldn't you say that this seems more like following twitter or perhaps some forum site?

2/20/2010 13:26:09

Response Emerly: remember that one of the most difficult aspects of the training is to only reinforce behaviors that are intended.

2/21/2010 02:28:06

Responding to miller:
-The most frustrating part of the rat training project so far is when you train the rat to run through an obstacle a certain way and then the rat will finally successfully run through that certain obstacle several times successfully and then all of a sudden the rat runs through that obstacle again and completely does it wrong. (its like taking a step forward to take a step back -_-")

Responding to Sara:
I agree with the frustration you have with your rat. Our rat has a bad habit of peeking out of the second level to expect some kind of treat, i feel as if we did not even reinforce her there but still she expects something. We thought she cut off that bad habit a few times but at times she will still peek out of the box looking for a surprise ><

Anita Kuo; period 7
2/21/2010 03:35:39

One of the most frustrating parts of the rat training is having a rat die after already successfully completing the obstacle course. With the new rat, reinforcements are needed almost every step of the way. She will complete certain tasks, like going up to the second level without poking her head out of the box or pausing, but never in consecutive tries. Oddly enough, she does not repeat this behavior on any of the other levels.

Response to Miller : Although we are slowly achieving progress, it definitely seems like our rat is in charge of the training process.

Nicole Arevalo P.6
2/21/2010 20:58:54

Throughout the present experiment the results of containing the rat were succesfull at times. In the beginning the logs would say that she completed the task by going through the whole maze. Yet that was not the complete objective and some periods were reinforcing it to keep going through but forgetting that they have to do some obstacles properly.
Clean up time = frustration and angry george

Response to Rhossabelle::
You would think continuous training would allow the rat to continue doing the maze for so long. Possible reasons the rat will tend to stray is because it may: need a break, tired of the reinforcement at the top, not hungry.

rachael humphrey per. 6
2/27/2010 14:31:30

responding to miller:
the most difficult part of the rat training was the first level. It was hard to keep her focused on the box rather than all the things that were on the table. Also the first ten or so minutes it was always hard to get her to the end of the maze so that she could be reinforced.

responding to nicole:
I also feel your frustration. Miscommunication between groups was a big problem for all of us i think.

Anonymous Subliminal Notice
3/21/2010 10:34:55

So im guessing we don't have a new blog, yay

6/28/2010 16:30:01

I will miss your class, Miller!


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